We approach research with the outcome in mind. No open-ended explorations or just “seeing what happens.” That’s a waste of everyone’s time and money.

Conducting research to get useful information is a craft. Doing it right means identifying the specific questions you need answered, designing the right mix of methodologies, and putting the results into a presentation that drives action.

Finding out what we already know is the first step to identifying what we don’t know. Our team digs into your existing data to understand what key questions haven’t been answered. A clear definition of your needs allows us to design more focused, more efficient research.

Genuine, insightful feedback is not a given in most research. Traditional methodologies, like surveys, focus groups, and interviews, can be useful if they’re conducted thoughtfully. But what people say and what people do are often two different things, so we always seek out ways to provoke unguarded conversations and authentic reactions, often looking outside of research facilities to more lifelike environments.

Coming out of research, big decisions have to be made. Making a compelling case for a strategic shift or additional investment is as important as conducting the study. KDSC constructs a simple, thoughtful narrative, populated with video and imagery to punctuate key findings. Your team isn’t just aligned to the outcome but galvanized to move forward.


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