Strategy is a waypoint, not an endpoint. A brief pause between data gathering and creative execution that defines a clear path forward and gets everyone on board. 

Making that happen takes a commitment from us to know your industry, your team, and your leadership. After all, the only way we can credibly bring back ideas that might change your business is to understand it as well as you.

One of the most important things an agency can bring to an engagement is perspective. We’ve earned ours by the virtue of having worked on brands of all sizes in almost every category–but we haven’t worked on yours. So before we make any strategic recommendations, we do our due diligence.


The problems confronting most brands fall into two categories: 1. Complex ones that no one has the time or resources to figure out. 2. Obvious ones that no one wants to bring up in a meeting. KDSC has the experience to tackle the first and the unfailing honesty to tackle the second.

We liken our strategic process to shining a flashlight down a dark hallway. As we collaborate on the brief, we provide glimpses into where we think it will lead from a creative and business perspective. The goal is to create a clear and concise documentation of the key decisions you’ve made, so that whoever you hand it to knows the parameters they have to work within.


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